Learn the best tools for optimal competitive performance by following the Windermere Racquet Club Player Development training philosophy. 

High Performance (Ages 12 and Up) 

Monday & Wednesday
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Our Campus High Performance program is for our older (12 and older) committed
tournament players. This program focuses on a long-term development plan which
requires commitment, passion, discipline, and patience from players, coaches, and
parents. This program is designed for players who compete in state, sectional and/or
national USTA tournaments levels 1-4 and will train with others who are similar in age
and ability. 
Practices feature appropriate playing progressions and proper technique to help players
achieve their personal performance and outcome goals. The program includes fitness
sessions to help our players improve mobility/flexibility, movement mechanics, speed,
core strength and agility.
Our goal is to help players become independent competitors and problem solvers
during match play and to provide all aspects necessary for overall development of a
competitive tennis player.

Match Play Fridays for High Performance Players

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Players will compete in competitive matches with opponents of similar age and ability
with focus on strategy and tactics during play. Coaches will provide consistent feedback
during play to all participants regarding their patterns of play, competitive skills, and
style of play. Match play is also available for players from other nearby facilities by
arrangement and must communicate with Head Tennis Professional, Brian Wilson.

These practice matches will complement the daily training program and are available to
all players who participate in either the youth progression or excellence programs at the
Windermere Tennis Academy Campus.

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